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Archery Range Rules:

01: No horseplay, trick shooting or
reckless behavior.

02:  No alcohol allowed.

03:  Only field tip arrows may be used.

04:  No one may shoot or nock an arrow
while a person is in front of the firing line.

05:  Don’t cross the firing line or walk to
your target while others are shooting.

06:  Those in the archery range will treat each other with respect and courtesy.

07:  Those using the archery range will use the rear entrance of the senior center.

08:  Those using the archery range will show courtesy and respect to all seniors who are in the building.

09:  Members of the archery range may only use the archery range and the upstairs bathrooms.  The remainder of the building is for seniors use only.

10:  When you are done using the archery range you will remove your target and throwaway your garbage.  

11:  If you tracked in mud, dirt or debris when entering the building you will clean up before leaving.

12:  No one under 18 may use the archery range unless they are supervised by a Parent or another person authorized by Chief Bolt.

Welcome to Minneota’s new Archery Range, located in the basement of the Sr. Center. Below is information regarding this facility.

Who may use the Archery Range?

The Minneota Archery Range may be used by anyone in the public who has paid for a membership through the Minneota Recreation Program and who has signed a waiver of liability.

All spectators must sign a waiver of liability before entering the range.

Everyone who uses or spectates at the archery range is required to follow the posted rules and procedures.  Failure to follow the rules may result in your membership being revoked.

Archery Range Registration Form

Archery Range Procedures:

Those using the archery range will communicate and discuss the number of arrows to be fired in a round.

After the number of agreed upon arrows are fired shooters will put down their bows and walk to the targets together to recover their arrows.  No one will cross the firing line while arrows are being shot.

Only after all shooters have recovered their arrows and have returned across the firing line (to their shooting position) may shooters pick up their bows and prepare to shoot another round.

Chief Bolt is the manager of the archery range and will investigate all complaints regarding rule violations and unsafe conditions at the range.  You are encouraged to call him with your concerns at 507-360-7864.

Those found in violation of the rules may have their membership revoked and be unable to obtain a future membership.  Chief Bolt and the City Administrator are the sole authority in all issues pertaining to the archery range.

Archery Range